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Formed in 1990
Drums – Crispo
Bass – Dee
Guitar – Marty
Lead Guitar – Brian / Alan / Micky
Vocals – Roy
Split with Man is the Bastard - ’91
Very Unpleasant Indeed / Split with Fleas and Lice - ’94
Tour Of Europe - '94
Split up - '94
Toxic Waste/Bleeding Rectum Tour of Europe - '97

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Bleeding Rectum started in 1990 with the remains of PTiS and with the idea of just having a laugh and not taking it too seriously. But when Roy returned from London and we asked him to sing, we decided to give it another proper go.
We recruited Brian (from Asylum) to play lead guitar, but he only stayed for a while before we got Alan (from FUAL) and he really filled out the sound. We were offered a split album from our good friend Eric Wood of Man is the Bastard (PHC, Neanderthal, and Charred Remains) and we jumped at the chance.
Roy, Dee and I were working at the same time trying to start up a PA hire company with help from the Rathcoole Self Help Group. This brought us into contact with Dave Sinton, a local music business "entrepreneur" who had a small 8 track studio in Kirkcubbin. He also managed a local pop band call Ghost of an American Airman who were signed to Holywood Records. Their bassist called Alan Galbraith recorded the split album in 1991. He later went on to be an A&R man for some major label in the states and "created" the awful "Evenescence"!
Not long after this Alan left and we got Micky Death in to play lead guitar. He totally fitted in with the rest of the band and stayed to the end.
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In 94, having no money as usual, we recorded "Very Unpleasant Indeed" on the trusty 4Track again and to promote it we organised the "Daniel O'Donnell Must Die" tour with us and our friends Jobbykrust. Months later, long after the tour a nutter, who had fallen out with his wife, threatened Daniel O'Donnell and pretended it was from the UDA. A local shit rag paper put 2 and 2 together and came up with 15, by linking us with the death threat and pretending to be paramilitaries which got us in to no end of bother with the "real" hardmen. It all got sorted out in the end but it was touch and go for a while!

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"Very Unpleasant Indeed" was released later that year as a split album with Fleas and Lice and we did a tour of Europe to promote it but enthusiasm for the band was starting to flag.
Dee no longer wanted to tour and on going money problems with all of us trying to feed and clothe young families by now meant the inevitable happened.
We briefly got together again in '97 with Petesy (Stalag 17/ FUAL) replacing Dee to tour Europe to try and get Roy out of a financial hole, but after that it was definitely over.
Dee went on to do live sound in a local venue
Micky plays with the infamous Scald
Crispo still drums with about 43 different bands and Roy makes independent films.
I went on to work in Centre studios and have recorded just about every punk band going since then.
I loved my time with all three bands Toxic Waste, Pink Turds and Bleeding Rectum and wouldn't change a thing apart from one single regret. It's ironic now that I record bands and teach sound engineering for a living that the sound quality of all three bands original recordings are so poor. We just never had the money at the time to do anything better and although it does sort of capture the spirit of the time it's pretty ropey in a lot of places! Maybe next time....

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Bleeding Rectum in Europe

Further reading "Armed With Anger: How UK Punk Survived The Nineties" by Ian Glasper on Cherry Red Books

This site is dedicated to the memory of Shane, Siobhan and Chuck. Three of my best friends.

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