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Gilmore - Court House Sessions

Check out 2nd year Music Tech, Gilmore's most excellent Court House Session and his article in Hot Press HERE. And while you're at it check out the other Court House sessions by past SERC music students, Aeons, Darkling Air, Brién and King Cedar HERE

New Sounds Sampler

Join us for another instalment of original content created during lockdown by students drawn from several of our music programs.
Applications are now open for September 2021 enrolments on: Level 2 Music (Lisburn & Bangor campus), Level 3 Music Performance (also Lisburn and Bangor), Level 3 Music Technology (Bangor) and HND Music Performance/Production (Bangor).
Also open for enrolment are: Level 3 Performing Arts (Lisburn and Bangor), Level 3 Dance, Level 3 Production Arts (both Bangor), Level 3 Theatrical Hair & Make-Up (Lisburn & Bangor) and HND Performing Arts (Bangor)

See the Courses page for more details.

Oedipus and XMAS BIG GIG Live!

Xmas Big Gig Banner

Watch the Xmas Big Gig, Pretty Maids In a Row and Oedipus again hereClick HERE for more

Progression Day 20

Another year over, and unfortunately we can not have our usual Progression day this year.
Congratulations to everyone who managed to complete their courses during Lockdown, it has not been easy for anyone!
You are ALL amazing!
If you’re making your way in the big wide world.... good luck.
If you’re staying with us...see you in September!

Lockdown Tunes

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic this year we obviously could not have our usual end of year performances. We thought that was a bit sad so here is a small selection of some of the work carried out by music students during Lockdown.

Snow Blind - "Inside Our Minds"


The HND 2 Album project has just released "Inside Our Minds" by Snow Blind.
Written, performed, and recorded entirely by the HND 2 class you can hear the album HERE.
The album was mixed and mastered during lockdown.
And don't forget, they will be performing some of the tracks live(ish) on our FaceBook page HERE on Friday 5th June at 7pm along with a number of other compositions and performances from students during lockdown.