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What's this zerodisc thing then?
Well in the early eighties until the mid nineties I was in a number of punk bands which recorded a few albums and toured about the place. Since then I regularly get asked is the material still available, where can I get it, who was in the band, are you all vegetarians etc.  Not an awful lot mind but enough to be annoying, so rather than create a website for each band I thought I would do one with everything on it. Bios, pics, music, TShirts.

But why zerodisc?
Because there are zero discs involved. No CDs, no vinyl, no wax cylinders. Just downloads. That way we don't clog the earth up with more novelty ashtrays and I don't have to fork out loads of money to have 100s of CDs sit under my bed. You can listen for free or pay a small fee to download.

Are you some sort of capitalist bastard now then?
Seriously? No.  This will probably make as much money as being in a punk band made in the mid eighties, i.e. zilch. If there are any profits they will go to the Warzone Collective. (Approx 25% of all sales)
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Who's the Warzone Collective then?
Myself and a load of other lovely people started the Warzone Collective in Belfast in the early eighties to run an alternative project, comprised of a venue, practice room, cafe, recording studio, screen printers etc. It ran for years before finally closing in 2003. Now a group of new young folk (and not so young) have started it up again and need every penny they can get. If you want to know more you can watch the documentary HERE and get in touch with the new collective HERE.

WTF??!! £15 For a TSHIRT??!!!
1. This is the same principle as the music. I don't have to fork out loads of cash for a bunch of TShirts I will never get rid off. 
2. 25% of that price goes to the Warzone Collective
3. They are produced and monitored by a Fair Trade group.
4. They have a much bigger range of colours, sizes, styles etc. than I could ever hope to produce.
5. It's more environmentally friendly to only produce TShirts that are actually needed.
6. You don't HAVE to buy it. Why don't you try making your own. You know DIY not EMI like the old days!

Can I Help?
Please send me any old photos, flyers or gig posters involving any of the bands. Get in touch with the new Warzone Collective and offer your time, money and enthusiasm. Start a band and continue the revolution.
Don't be evil!

Thanks to Ian Glasper ("The Day the Country Died - A History of Anarcho Punk 1980-1984" , "Trapped in a Scene - UK Hardcore 1985-1989 and "Armed With Anger: How UK Punk Survived The Nineties" published by Cherry Red Books), and Sean O'Neill & Guy Trelford ("It Makes You Want to Spit! - The Definitive Guide to PUNK in N.Ireland 1977-1982") for jogging my fading memory, and Merro from Rejected Records for keeping these tracks alive over the years. Thanks to Patsy, Roy and Mel for the photos and Northern Visions and Roy for the videos. Lastly and not leastly everyone who came to see us, bought an album or had a laugh with us. It was a blast. Anarchy and Peace. Marty.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Shane, Siobhan and Chuck. Three of my best friends.

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